15 Years: Spa Gregorie’s & Greet the Day

15 Years: Spa Gregorie’s & Greet the Day

15 Years: Spa Gregorie’s & Greet the Day

Shannon Taylor, Lead Massage Therapist and Esthetician at Spa Gregorie’s in Newport Beach, shares one of her favorite memories and touching moments from her many years at the spa.

There is one story that always stays with me throughout all these years at Spa Gregorie’s. I was at a Mexican restaurant on a Sunday night with my sister, and sitting in front of us was a nice family at a big table.  The woman at the table had a scarf around her head, and with her were 4 kids under the age of 6. I said to my sister, “Look at that woman; she probably has cancer.  And her kids are so young and she looks so young.” I took my business card out and wanted to tell her about our amazing non-profit Greet the Day program, but I never approached her as I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.  I thought about her all night and wished there was something I could do for this woman.

The next morning I showed up to volunteer for our Greet the Day spa retreat at Spa Gregorie’s Newport Beach, where we provide oncology massage and comfort touch to individuals nearing the completion of their cancer treatment. To my unexpected and pleasant surprise, here was the woman from dinner last night, and she was MY client for the morning! I asked this lady (Wendy) if she was at the Mexican restaurant the night before and she said yes! I will never forget Wendy and the small amount of fate that led me to her again. I hope she is doing well with her beautiful family, and I am thankful to Spa Gregorie’s for the opportunities to give back to the people in our communities.


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