Finding Balance in our Relationships with Technology

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Finding Balance in our Relationships with Technology

Since we were talking about living mindfully yesterday, we started thinking about how much we and the people around us all use our phones! mindbodygreen ‘s 2018 “Turning from Tech” trend is a really good reminder that we need to make an effort to spend our time intentionally and not get caught up in the black holes that our devices and social media profiles can be. Some of the most notable points are these:

– Technology that is designed to grab and keep your attention could be affecting our brains, changing our brain chemistry, and increasing drowsiness and anxiety.

– You can cultivate a more intentional relationship with technology by using apps like Moment, that limits the number of times you can check your devices, and the Forest App, which plants a tree after you spend a certain amount of time off your phone.

– Anything that takes away from the real-world connections and experiences that you could be having reduces your well-being. Finding balance is key.

So take a few moments out of your day to put your phone down and have a conversation with someone, or even just sit with yourself without the distraction of any devices. In this day and age, we’re obviously going to have to continue using technology, but that doesn’t mean our relationship with it can’t be healthy!

To read mindbodygreen’s full article, click here.


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