Girls’ Day Out Shopping

Girls’ Day Out Shopping

Girls’ Day Out Shopping

Beautiful brunette shopaholic outdoor cityThe Top 3 Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

By Joanne Pittman, owner of Pittman IMAGE

A shopping and spa day with our girlfriends is an age old tradition and part of the female experience. While one can never go wrong with a relaxing massage or facial at the spa, navigating a girls’ shopping day is an entirely different affair. For some, this shopping rite of passage is a pleasurable and fulfilling outing; but for many (if not secretly most of us), it can be an exercise in shopping frustration and buyer’s remorse!

Below are three of the top pitfalls experienced by many when shopping with their girlfriends. Luckily, there are easy ways to overcome these common mishaps with just a little image-consulting expertise.

Pitfall Number 1:  Buying something you don’t really need (or want).

It is common to feel pressure to buy something–anything!–just to keep up with your friend who could headline in ‘Shoppers Gone Wild’. Surely you must get something so that everyone is comfortable.

Solution:  Wardrobe Review before your shopping date.

  • Take time to weed out things you are not wearing. This will allow you to clearly see the reality of what is happening in your closet.
  • Make a list of 5 to 10 things that can increase your wardrobe several fold. For example, what one thing could I add to my closet that would create 5 new outfits? That’s the piece you want to look for when shopping.
  • Stick to the list! If you can’t find anything that day, blame the list! The other girls will wish that they had a list too.

Pitfall number 2: Spending more than you have in your budget.

It is easy to get caught up in the moment, spend way more than you wanted and then regret what you have purchased. This issue is not left alone to the financially challenged; everyone regardless of resources should have a clear budget based upon personal value systems and boundaries.

Solution: Create a wardrobe investment budget at least once a year.

  • Set realistic boundaries for yourself.
  • The budget should have an expected Return On Investment. That’s right, shopping for your wardrobe is a serious line item investment.
  • Your budget should be a reflection of your true lifestyle.
  • Make sure that your selections support your end goal.

Pitfall Number 3: Shopping while under the influence.

This usually results in purchases which do not reflect your authentic self. The shopping environment can be tricky. Think of it like going to the casino: the house is there to win, with “sales” and beautiful mannequins everywhere enticing you to buy. Couple this with well-meaning friends that tell you how great you look and maybe a glass of wine at lunch… Now you are shopping under the influence.

Solution: Create a clear and concise mission statement.

  • State who you are and why you matter.
  • Learn to create looks which support your statement.
  • Be clear about how you want to represent yourself. Remember you can look great and be sending the wrong message.

Wouldn’t it be great if everything in your closet was a clear and true reflection of your authentic self? IT CAN BE! With some professional unbiased guidance and a dose of self-discipline, you can enjoy your girls’ day out shopping with a new found sense of confidence and self-awareness. And your girlfriends will want to know your secret!

Pittman IMAGE specializes in helping individuals, corporations and organizations enhance an authentic brand and unique image to maximize success in both business and social settings. For more information on working with their team of image experts to actualize the best possible version of yourself, visit


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