15 Years: Giving Back to the Military

15 Years: Giving Back to the Military

15 Years: Giving Back to the Military

Jean Quinn, Community Relations Coordinator in Del Mar, reflects and shares about one of her favorite community outreach programs organized by Spa Gregorie’s.

For the last four years since we opened the Del Mar location, Spa Gregorie’s has helped support the military bases in San Diego through numerous donations, events, fundraising and more.  One of the most meaningful activities we have sponsored (to support CampPendleton and the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in particular) is our annual “Marine Corps Ball Gown Drive”.  Each year, the Marine Corps bases around the country hold an annual ball to celebrate the birthday of the Marines; however some service women and sponsors of military cannot afford or have time to find dresses and accessories to attend.  Thankfully, local companies created dress drives to provide these items for the marines, and Spa Gregorie’s could not wait to help support the cause!  We have arranged this drive at our spas for the last three years and are currently collecting gowns through the end of September.

It is such a great “recycling” event and I am still amazed at the generosity of our loyal customers and partners who donate dozens of formal dresses and accessories each year.  It is inspiring and uplifting to see our clients come in with their lightly-used shoes, purses, jewelry and beautiful gowns and donate them to our military.  The women are so honored to pass their dresses along and they always hope that “someone else will really enjoy this gown as much as I did”.

I have been so intimately connected with this drive on many levels. Working at the front desk, I have interacted with our customers who drop off the gowns at the spa and seen the racks of dresses grow each week during our drive.  I have even stored dresses at my own home when we received so many that there was no longer any storage space in the spa closet!  As a SpaG community relations team member, I have dropped off dresses at the CampPendleton and MCRD bases and have developed wonderful ongoing relationships with the military staff and volunteers.  It is so fulfilling to see the looks on their faces when I pull up to the base with my car filled to the roof with brightly-colored formal gowns.  I know the dresses will be put to good use for the Marines, and after each visit, I am reminded by the base staff of the huge need they have for the gowns and how appreciative they are of our continued support.

I am so fortunate to work for a company like Spa Gregorie’s that puts such a huge focus on community and charity involvement.  Of all the events and outreach I do throughout the year, the Marine Corps Dress Drive is by far my favorite. It is so meaningful to see and experience the “life-cycle” of the drive, from receiving the dresses at the spa to watching the base volunteers hang them on racks for the Marines to pick out for their Ball.  I am honored to be part of this event that has enabled so many women to select the perfect dress for the annual Marine Corps Balls.  The Marines deserve an evening to enjoy themselves and I am glad we can help in our own way.  God Bless Our United States Military!


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