Gluten Schmuten – fact or fad?

Gluten Schmuten – fact or fad?

Gluten Schmuten – fact or fad?


My good friend and fitness guru, Steve de la Torre, recently posted an article and video( What’s up with Gluten? ) about gluten to which I replied:

Good morning Steve!  I was interested in what you had to say about gluten since it’s all the rage right now (maybe overblown and turning into a market opportunity for the food industry???)

So my question is this:  in all historical writings, starting with the Bible, wheat products are a staple of existence, bread in particular.  So how is it that humans are now suddenly gluten intolerant?


I’m not buying it… 

Yes, I think we should be very careful about processed carbs but now you’re not ‘hip’ unless you are gluten free. 


I think it’s a fad…  what say you?

And Steve offered an excellent response – I get it now.  I encourage you to read it here:

Hi Angela,

It’s definitely an interesting topic!  And yes now marketing has taken hold to try to convince consumers that we need to be buying their products!
I think there are a few things to consider when comparing biblical times (in my opinion):
1. the processing of wheat and other grains was still minimal from lack of machinery and the whole grain was used.  Our processing methods, added artificial ingredients and quality of grain makes an entirely different product than what was used back then.  Also the ak-mak crackers, matzo, lavash flat bread are used widely in middle eastern countries and gluten problems don’t tend to exist there.
2. More importantly, I really think that generations of weakened and ill-prone genes have been passed where many of us are now have coping problems with dairy, wheat and other allergens.  Similarly food allergies are no existant in starving countries (parts of Africa)
3. Most importantly – The gluten problem is a symptom of our lifestyle and environment.  Too much stress, too high of a sugar diet, an over abundance of genetically modified foods, an overload of antibiotics in meat and dairy and a lack of exercise.  All these are, im my opinion the really problem and cause major inflammation that weakens our bodies and creates disease like Gluten Intolerance.
Those are my thoughts and it’s a complicated issue.  From personal experience, I know my health is so much better when I’ve removed processed carbs(not just gluten) from my diet.  Which basically only leaves proteins, veggies and fruit and how can you really be unhealthy if that’s what you’re eating!
Hope you’re doing great!
Steve is a treasure and knows his stuff… check him out at  Thanks for reading!!!!


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