How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 3

How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 3

How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 3

(Part 3 of 7)  By Sophie Parmenter, Spa Gregorie’s Lead Esthetician and Trainer

What triggers breakouts? I will go over the main culprits…

  1. Internal Acne Aggravators
  2. External Acne Aggravators
  3. You are what you eat



Pore-clogging makeup, too much sun and harsh topical products can all play havoc on your skin.

The sun causes inflammation, eventually causing more breakouts, and giving you a greater chance of post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation (scarring).  Spa Gregories carries Epicuren’s Zinc SPF 20 Sunscreen, which is chemical free (one of Oprahs favorite).  All clients receiving acne facials should be using this product daily.  Plus the zinc is very healing.

Heavy makeup traps toxins in the pores, so stay away from oil-based ingredients which can instigate acne. Switch to a mineral-based coverage foundation or a powder.  At Spa Gregorie’s, we offer Color Science, Arcona’s Mineral Brush (which has minerals like zinc and magnesium), as well as Spa Gregorie’s Signature Line Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. One of our professionals can match a perfect color for you.

When it comes to acne products, most can be very drying so finding a balance is very important.  Spa Gregorie’s offers great home care recommendations for you to continue the great experience at home.  We offer result oriented products from Epicuren and Arcona.  Both skin care lines feature products that are natural and non-drying.

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