How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 6

How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 6

How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 6

(Part 6 of 7)  By Sophie Parmenter, Spa Gregorie’s Lead Esthetician and Trainer

Face it!  Your face is giving you clues!

Where you breakout out is a reflection of what is going on inside your body. The connections from the Chinese face map reading I find very interesting.

FOREHEAD BREAKOUTS – This may result in what’s going on in your small intestine. Going on a cleanse and eating more slowly may help.

BETWEEN YOUR EYES – Your liver may need a rest from toxins. Drink a warm glass of water with lemon or organic apple-cider vinegar every day.  Load up on green, leafy veggies too!

THE SIDES OF YOUR NOSE – May reflect tummy issues.  Eat clean, no dairy and take probiotic supplements.

CHIN BREAKOUTS – Your endocrine system is under stress.  Limit your meat intake or switch to organic.

The emotional impact of these breakouts are as frustrating as the feeling of never getting rid of the breakouts  The only thing we can do is arm ourselves with knowledge and good facials. All of us here at Spa Gregorie’s say “HOORAY!” for powerful products and awesome treatments, along with experts that show you how to use them at home!

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