How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 7

How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 7

How to Get Breakout-Free Skin: Part 7

(Part 7 of 7);  By Sophie Parmenter, Spa Gregorie’s Lead Esthetician and Trainer

Skin Care for Tweens

Another year has come and gone, and your baby isn’t a babe anymore.  Puberty has set in and along with that comes ACNE. Sebaceous (oil) glands become more active, and these become clogged with excess oil, dirt and skin cells. This is especially true for your tweens that play sports!

  • Have your tween maintain a healthy blood sugar balance throughout the day with high fiber, protein and fresh fruit.
  • Keep sugar and processed foods and dairy to a minimum.
  • MILK can be a strong promoter of acne.  Use alternate sources for calcium such as dark greens and nuts.  Research also shows high omega-3 essential fatty acids promote clear skin.
  • A lack of sleep has been linked to skin flare ups, so get those kiddos into bed early!
  • Girls often start experimenting with makeup about the time acne appears. As I mentioned in an earlier article, opt for mineral makeup.
  • Start them early with good hygiene. Spa Gregorie’s offers a 45-minute Teen Clean Facial.  For this facial, a professional esthetician will evaluate, cleanse the pores (to prevent scarring), use an appropriate mask to treat the skin, and most importantly, go over good hygiene and important facts to help keep their skin clear and glowing.

Top Supplements for Healthy Tween Skin:
GREENS SUPPLEMENTS – boost nutrient intake since they skimp on eating most veggies
FISH OILS – provides the omegas that help with inflammation and good skin
PROBIOTICS – support healthy digestion and gut flora
VITAMIN B COMPLEX – great for menstruating tweens

Life is great, and remember this phase in your Tween’s life shall pass soon!

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