The Latest in Microdermabrasion

The Latest in Microdermabrasion

The Latest in Microdermabrasion

Spa Gregorie’s Senior Esthetician, Amie Quigley, discusses the latest in Microdermabrasion, and how it is incorporated into rejuvenating treatments:

[1] Tell us a little about Microderm’s longstanding success and continuing development and popularity in your business. 

We do microdermabrasion and “Epicurabrasion” at Spa Gregorie’s. Basically it glides across the skin and it takes off all the dead skin revealing fresh and glowing skin. It pulls off all the dirt and black heads as well as debris out of the pores. It get’s a much better and deeper exfoliation. It also allow your skincare products to absorb deeper, if you are dehydrated it helps hydrate skin. We prefer micro-derm at the spa and don’t use the crystal tip machines. Our machines work better because you can use any products you want after the treatment. It’s so popular because people really see a difference and the results last a lot longer! Usually around 2-3 weeks and even longer if you do a series periodically throughout the year.

[2] Describe the technological improvements in Microderm equipment. Is it more reliable than ever? Is there new functionality that didn’t exist 10 years ago? 

“We stick to the original Microderm because we find it gives the best results! Classic—-tried and true. Current modifications include adding peels or different types of facials to supplement the service.

[3] Tell us how Microderm makes for a great add-on service for facials.

It’s definitely great for allowing serums, masques and hydrating products to penetrate a lot deeper than they would by just doing a signature facial. Microderm works on fine lines and wrinkles and is GREAT for pigmentation. When we do it with “Epicurabrasion” it’s a great way for people who have been doing standard facials to bump up their treatments. The Spa Gregorie’s “Epicurabrasion” gives a nice double cleanse, Microderm, and a cinnamon hot peel. You are getting double the exfoliation and a tightening masque, which will enhance the results.

[4] Discuss how Microderm isn’t just for faces anymore. 

I have a client that had been burnt as a child by acid and she has horrible scars on her arms and chest. She started coming in for treatments and we do a microderm facial and then I would also treat the tops of her arms and hands. It helped reduce the scarring and especially helped minimize the pigmentation and keloids. In addition, she would get blackheads in the folds of her keloids and it helped with that as well. I’ve used it on the back and it works wonders by removing dead skin and makes extractions a lot easier. The most popular area, besides the face, is the tops of hands.


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