Our Pets – Healers and Role Models

Our Pets – Healers and Role Models

Our Pets – Healers and Role Models

Someday you may hear doctors say, “Pet two animals, and call me in the morning.”

There’s a nurturing and healing power in pets that surpasses many modern therapeutic triumphs. All pets are unconditionally loyal and loving; patiently understanding and forgiving; appreciative and responsive; playful and creative – they love us as we are. Pets are also role-models for complying with nutritional guidelines, for enjoying exercise, for not hurrying or worrying, and for getting enough rest.

They don’t smoke; they don’t do drugs. And they never criticize or condemn. When they play, they play hard. When they work, they work hard. And when it comes time to rest, they sleep the sleep of angels.

What our Cats teach us:

  • Stretch often – with your whole body
  • Remember to Play
  • Stay Very Clean
  • Never lose your ability to be excited by something new
  • When someone does something nice for you, remember to Purr.

What our Dogs teach us:

  • Take plenty of walks and naps
  • Drink lots of water
  • Never bite the hand that feeds you
  • Bark when you feel like it
  • Chase your tail – who says you can’t amuse yourself?
  • Stop to smell the roses – and the grass – and the trees
  • Make friends with everyone in the neighborhood
  • Make the people who love you feel welcome when they come home
  • Wag your tail a lot (i.e., smile and laugh!)


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