Spa Gregorie’s Most Famous Myths DeBunked

Spa Gregorie’s Most Famous Myths DeBunked

Spa Gregorie’s Most Famous Myths DeBunked

The best way to get some fabulous information, beauty secrets and tips are word of mouth… However there is also BAD information that can be passed operator style too. This page is dedicated to revealing what ‘hot’ and ‘not’! Each month we’ll add a new myth with industry expert answers.

Email us with some of your Most Famous Myths questions. We’d love to try and tackle them for you!

MYTH: You can’t get ‘real’ noticeable anti-aging results naturally.

MYTH DEBUNKED: Wrong! You don’t need to run to a surgeon to see real, visible results. It may require a little more commitment from you, some healthy changes in your lifestyle but it will hurt a lot less than 6-8 months of post-surgery swelling and bruising and will definitely hurt your pocketbook much less (the average cost of facelift is $8000)! Here are 2 simple steps to a younger more youthful you! 1. Get a NEW! skincare routine. We appreciate your loyalty to your skincare brands. They have served you well but just like you outgrow fashion styles and trends, you also outgrow your skincare products. Start with a consultation with a skincare professional, have your current skincare needs assessed and BE OPEN to change. We promise, you’ll love the results and notice the anti-aging kickstart a proper skincare results-oriented routine can give you.

2. R-E-L-A-X-. Stress is the No.1 culprit responsible for aging, along with a whole gamut of other not-so-fabulous things like weight gain, hair loss, irritability and insomnia. And all the aforementioned take a HUGE toll on your skin, it’s a domino effect. Learn to c-h-i-l-l and watch a multitude of your problems melt away. Some great stress-reducing techniques are: yoga, regular exercise, meditation. Hypnotherapy works wonders for chronic stress cases and can help as quickly as your first session.


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