Spa Gregorie’s Spaiku’s

Spa Gregorie’s Spaiku’s

Spa Gregorie’s Spaiku’s

Here at Spa Gregorie’s we like to think that we don’t just help our clients relax but that we also inspire them too. In the spirit of creative inspiration, if you send us a Haiku, traditional Japanese poem with 5-7-5 syllable stance, that relates to Spa Gregorie’s or what we represent- relaxation, harmony and well being- if we use it, we will honor your creative sublime with one our our masterpieces, a FREE massage! In addition to, your Spaiku will be published in our monthly e-newsletter. So get your creative juices flowing and send us your Spaiku…

Client SPAIKU 2007

Work day feels so long
Then my mind remembers this…
It’s Spa Day, hurray!
Christina R.

Love is in the air
Look your best with a SPAday
Cupid may strike you

Smile Spa Gregories
Today is Valentines Day
We Love Your Service
Terry Harden

Peace and love are best
Come in and take a nice rest
At Spa Gregories
Julie Austin

Leave today behind
Tranquility awaits you
Thank you points online
Jennifer Warhola

Not just a massage
But a day of pampering
At Spa Gregories
Clarice Skanes

I need to relax
Hooray for Spa Gregories
Best massages ever
Heidi Merritt



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