Staying Healthy and Beautiful in the Summer Sun: Overcoming Summer Beauty Bummers and Health Hazards

Staying Healthy and Beautiful in the Summer Sun: Overcoming Summer Beauty Bummers and Health Hazards

Staying Healthy and Beautiful in the Summer Sun: Overcoming Summer Beauty Bummers and Health Hazards

When warm weather hits, you want to strip down to the bare minimum. And that doesn’t stop at cute cutoffs and bikinis or board shorts: Get ready to say goodbye to unsightly stubble, and other summer bummers. And, Beach Days and BBQ dinners are great, but learn what you need to know to stay safe in the summer sun, too!

Beauty Bummers:

legsBUMMER #1: SNEAKY STUBBLE- Ever dash out the door only to get in the sunlight and spot a strip of hair running down your leg? Avoid that serious shaving faux pas and master the art of quick hair zapping.

*GET RID OF IT: Shaving out of the shower isn’t ideal, but if you’re already dressed, apply oil to the area to give your skin slip and avoid razor burn. Strands peering out of your suit? Pull skin taut, then tweeze in the direction hair grows to avoid ingrown hairs. Less hair means less stubble. Opt for body creams and deodorants with keratin (hair’s building block) inhibitors; swap blades after five uses. A dull razor will always leave stubble!

acneBUMMER #2: AWFUL ACNE- Blemishes can happen year-round, but sun, heat and humidity create a perfect pimple storm. Make a clear complexion a reality.

*GET RID OF IT: Remove oil-loving organisms from the equation and zits will disappear. Tried-and-true salicylic acid dissolves dead skin cells within pores so bacteria can no longer flourish. A blemish can begin to form two to three weeks before it appears on the surface. Use a cleanser or treatment with skin-sloughing acids as soon as the temperature soars to keep pores clear from the get-go.

BUMMER #3: SELF TANNER STREAKS- A UV-free faux tan is a skin saver. But there’s a downside: A faux glow can quickly go awry when applied improperly.

tan pic*GET RID OF IT: Even out streaks. You can erase those icky zebra stripes with a self-tanner remover. To prevent these streaks from appearing in the first place, you must have smooth skin for even coverage so make sure to exfoliate before applying tanner! Click here for tips for a successful spray tan.

Health Hazards:

HAZARD #1: Dehydration Disasters- You’ve played  outdoors with the kids all day, and you ran out of water long ago. You start to feel dizzy and lightheaded. You’re dehydrated — meaning you haven’t taken in enough fluids to replace those you’ve been sweating out.

*PREVENT IT: Drink plenty of fluids, especially water, take regular breaks in the shade, and try to schedule your most vigorous outdoor activities for times when the heat isn’t so strong, such as early morning or late afternoon.

HAZARD #2: Sunburn Snafu- You have spent too much time under the sun with no shade and not enough sunscreen… summerOuch! You’re sun burnt… Now What?

*PREVENT IT: In addition to practicing “safe sun” — wearing sunscreen that protects against both UVB and UVA rays, long-sleeved shirts, and wide-brimmed hats, and staying out of blistering midday rays — there are things you can do to treat a severe: Drink water or juice to replace fluids you lost while sweating in the hot sun. Soak the burn in cool water for a few minutes Take an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as acetaminophen. Treat itching with an OTC antihistamine cream or a spray Apply an antibiotic ointment or an aloe cream with emollients that soften and soothe the skin directly to the burned area.

Hazard #3: Diet Drifters- You have been eating healthy, doubling up on exercise, and have bought a couple new bikinis. Now, summer is finally here, and you are ready to show off all of your hard work.  But, now that you are on vacation, you feel like you can just abandon your healthy habits, and  all self control goes out the window. Bring on the pina coladas!

run*PREVENT IT: You are on vacation and you should enjoy yourself, but not by eating everything on the menu. Balance eating off track indulgences with your normal healthy habits. Sneak in some exercise with a run on the beach, some laps in the pool, rent a bike, or hit the trail. If you just HAVE to have a margarita in Paradise, have it; then, switch to a lower calorie option. While it may be delicious, allow yourself a little indulgence: have one, then move on!


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